A good clean water supply is considered to be the most important factor in ensuring good health in a society.
Uniservice’s sewage Treatment Plant facilitates converting the wastewater from homes for e.g. water that is used for washing and bathing purposes. Through our STP, recycles and purify the water. This recycled water can then be used for your other daily purposes like washing the cars garden watering the gardens etc.

Uniservice’s water treatment plant is a water softener plant that softness the borewell water, removes impurities giving you clear water. This softened water can be, without a worry, be used for your daily purposes.

Uniservice’s RO plant convers the ground water procured from the borewell in drinkable water; not only drinkable but tasty.

Uniservice experts in rain water harvesting implementation, both storage, pits and filtering techniques to process them for daily purpose.