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Power Management Services

Uniservice Facility Management understands that energy is an important aspect of any large commercial establishment or residential communities to function effectively. We take a strategic, and holistic approach to Power management services to help you realize recurring cost-savings on energy consumption bills.

Over our decade of experience in handling power management services for multiple clients we understand that power needs vary by size, usage and other specific requirements. We partner with you to understand your usage, consumption levels, cost-saving goals and scope for better power management we put together an optimal power management governance program.

Power Management Services
All DG, Lifts, Transformer operations
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DGs, lifts and transformers are the invisible helping aids of our life. Frequently maintaining these support systems are vital in keeping the flow of life. Uniservice provides comprehensive maintenance and operating service of DGs, lifts and transformers to both residential and commercial spaces, 24*7. We offer you constant monitoring of the operations with breakdown management. Well-skilled people from Uniservice can maintain the Diesel Generators, lifts and transformers efficiently and offers you a hassle-free living.

HVAC, Fire Hydrants maintenance

Efficient maintenance of HVAC and Fire Hydrants is vital for the safe living of people in a building. A fail in the yearly service of these systems may magnify the effect of disasters if anything happens. Uniservice offers comprehensive maintenance of HVAC and Fire Hydrants in a very cost-effective manner. The maintenance of these things in a commercial space demands professional hands to work on. Uniservice with its combination of technology and manpower offers you very proficient maintenance of HVAC and Hydrants.

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UPS and CCTV Maintenance
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Installing UPS, CCTV or Automation has become an essential need of any large residential or commercial property. To get the best return out of these investment, the UPS, CCTV and any similar automation systems need to be maintained thoroughly and timely. Uniservice Facility Management deploys best-in-class electricians and electronic specialists who can install, uninstall, monitor and maintain these intelligent systems so that they serve their best purpose. We are experienced in UPS, CCTV maintenance for all the latest models in the market.

Lights Control & Panel maintenance

Uniservice offers a wide array of lights control and panel maintenance services in Bangalore and across South India. Our professional team can work on the monitoring and checking of these systems with perfection and will do the necessary to keep them energy efficient. Energy conservation is a critical area for communities from both a sustainability and cost-efficiency perspective. Our trained electricians help in maintaining optimal power consumption and systematic maintenance of lights in the common area will help use electricity efficiently and save money on recurring utility bills.

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Motors/Pumps operation & maintenance
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The flawless functioning of pumps and motors is important for any living space. A broke down motor or pump can stall the productivity of residents in a residential space or commercial property. Uniservice brings expertise of plumbing professionals who work on systematic maintenance of motors/pumps of your property. We ensure the continued functioning of motors and pumps so that there are no more complaints about plumbing problems. Our preventive maintenance also helps in controlling unplanned maintenance or repair costs involved with respect to plumbing.

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Uniservice reduced our Power consumption bills drastically by implementing and introducing industry best practices in facility management. Their audit reports were insightful and pragmatic to implement in a community living. Our residents were glad to realize recurring cost savings when it comes to power bills.

Re-Opening office after many months needed meticulous planning and sophisticated cleaning. We engaged Uniservice to de-sanitize the whole office premises and took their support in deep cleaning services, wet cleaning services for HVAC Ducts etc. The cleaning exercise gave us confidence about bringing back employees to office.

Get an Energy Systems Audit
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Stay Energy-Efficient with Uniservice Power Management Services
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