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Soft Services

Housekeeping / Cleaning Services
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You may not have enough time to keep your professional or residential space neat and tidy. Don’t worry! Uniservice housekeeping services are designed to get your space clean and look its best. Our well-trained workers take the work into your hands with the utmost professionalism and clean your space perfectly at regular intervals. Uniservice is a trusted brand in housekeeping work! Entrust us with your cleaning work; you will be surprised by the results!

Gardening Maintenance & projects

Have a garden and feel the freshness of life. Uniservice unique garden maintenance and project services are here to set up the new garden or take care of the existing one. We will retouch the overall appearance of your garden in accordance with your suggestions.  Our Customised garden solutions make your garden look different from others, at the same time healthy.

Uniservice provides experienced gardeners at affordable rates to maintain the garden and ensures they are fresh, beautiful and effervescent.

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Eco-friendly pest control services
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Destroy the pests encroaching your area. Uniservice provides exceptional pest control services which are harmless are eco-friendly. Our trained specialists monitor your, business and personal places and will work to keep away, ants, spiders, rodents, bed bugs, cockroaches, termites, mosquitoes, flies, wasps etc. Uniservice blends the use of technology and chemical-free methods to clear the insects from the place. Enjoy a pest-free life with Uniservice.

Waste Segregation & disposal

An improper waste management system is the primary barricade to growing cities.  Poor treatment of wastes brings huge socio-health issues and is dangerous for living in the area. Uniservice offers end-to-end waste management services for residential apartments and corporate houses. We closely coordinate the working of the segregation and disposal departments to bring you a holistic waste management system.  We follow systematic waste-collecting methods and treat them accordingly for safe disposal.   

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In-House Organic Waste Composting
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Manage your waste in-house. Our customer-oriented approach brings you the organic waste composting systems that suit the size and nature of your facility. Uniservice can help you and your surroundings from the burden of waste management. We build eco-friendly in-house waste management systems and maintains them over the years. By this method, you can become self-reliable in waste management. You can also transfer these wastes to reusable items such as organic fertilizers for kitchen gardens. Turn your wastes into something useful.

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We developed a great partnership with Uniservice and their work for our rainwater harvesting system was amazing. Uniservice understood our limitations and work accordingly to build a very feasible and convenient rainwater harvesting system. Thank you for your valuable advice and wonderful work!

Swimming pool maintenance was always a headache for us. Then from our legal advisor, we came to know about Uniservice and its efficient work. That made all the difference. Uniservice worked as they have promised and now we are enjoying a very pleasant pool time. We will highly recommend Uniservice for swimming pool maintenance works.

Uniservice is highly skilled in handling sewage water treatment. Their fast work saved us from huge financial loss. Thank you for the help.

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