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Water Management Services

Uniservice Facility Management specializes in Water Management Services to corporates and large residential communities in planning, utilizing, and preserving Water complying with local regulatory requirements. We rely on our water management experts and advanced technology solutions to conserve water, manage and monitor utilization and prevent wastage. Implementing a robust governance process helps in ensuring


Population growth, climate change, industrial development, and aging water assets have put pressure on conventional bulk water supply and wastewater technologies and infrastructure. WSP is able to help our clients find the right solutions to their water-related challenges through innovative planning and design, deep knowledge of national and local regulatory environments, and a unique understanding of the alternative sources, management tools and reuse technologies available.

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We will not be able to rise to the water resource challenge without a radical change in the management of such resources. This need is all the more pressing in countries where reserves are limited and subject to high demographic pressure. The development of smart technologies in the water sector is a key avenue for the Group's applied research and innovation policy.

  • Water Audits & Reports

  • Rainwater harvesting

  • Swimming Pool Maintenance

  • STP / WTP / RO Plant maintenance

  • Water conservation initiatives

Soft Services
  • Housekeeping / Cleaning Services

  • Gardening Maintenance & projects

  • Eco-friendly pest control services

  • Waste Segregation & disposal

  • In-House Organic Waste Composting

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Power Management
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  1. All DG, Lifts, Transformer operations

  2. HVAC, Fire Hydrants maintenance

  3. UPS, CCTV & Automation system

  4. Lights control &  panel maintenance

  5. Motors/Pumps operation & maintenance

Safety Management
  1. Guards / Supervisor / Mobile patrol

  2. Security screening/ Car parking 

  3. Access control / CCTV monitoring

  4. 24X7 Emergency services

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Uniservice reduced our Power consumption bills drastically by implementing and introducing industry best practices in facility management. Their audit reports were insightful and pragmatic to implement in a community living. Our residents were glad to realize recurring cost savings when it comes to power bills.

Re-Opening office after many months needed meticulous planning and sophisticated cleaning. We engaged Uniservice to de-sanitize the whole office premises and took their support in deep cleaning services, wet cleaning services for HVAC Ducts etc. The cleaning exercise gave us confidence about bringing back employees to office.

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