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What steps you do to help Management Committee to receive handover from the builder?

o   We get engaged with the society starting from Association formation, Election Process, Bylaws formation, Association Registration, Bank Account opening, GST compliance etc.

o   Common area assets transition from builder to Association

o   List of original documents from builder- OC, buildings, drawings, original bill receipts, blue prints

o   Identify systemic gaps/issues in Engg systems educate MC to escalate it to builder and get it done.

o   Compliance Checklist – CFO for STP, Fire brigade norms clearance, PCB NOC, BESCOM deposits.

What kind of tools / checklist you use to ensure the proper upkeep of the Apartment/Society?

o   Deploying trained personnel- Staffs, Facility Manager ensuring quality and timely reporting.

o   Developed inhouse Facility management software, showing metrics of day to day operation, biometric attendance, storage levels, SOPs for technicians, power & fuel consumption.

o   Proximity services – Stand by technicians.

o   Emergency support -24/7 availability.

o   No checklist submission / No salary.

SLAs of addressing complaints, escalation metrics?

o   SLA will be prioritized as Low , Medium and High, Categorized as Common Area/ Individual Flats etc.., based on impact to the residents . Uniservice apartment management software contains all this features and ticket  will be assigned to concerned technicians/FM through workflow configuration, also setup the escalation mechanism as per MC request.

Accounting and auditing assistance?

o   we are already doing in several apartments. We would charge extra for the same.

How do you handle clubhouse?

o   We have documented specific guidelines for club house usage for Residents party celebrations, festivals, stalls / commercial purpose after reviewing with committee and also as per Bye-laws

o   Security check, Timings, Visitor Management, Residents Enquires

o   Guest hosting, Events arrangements

o   Club house Asset & Inventory Management in Apartment management software (MyHome, Adda, Apna etc.)

o   Utilization reports of Clubhouse (Library, Gym, Swimming Pool)

o   Special care in House keeping, Toilets cleaning, Gym equipment’s, AC.

o   Daily/Weekly/Monthly checklist


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