Uniservice Facility Management Services
Water Management

  • Water Audits & Reports

  • Rain water harvesting

  • Swimming Pool Maintenance

  • STP / WTP / RO Plant maintenance

  • Water conservation initiatives

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One stop Facility Management Services provider


  • Skilled manpower


  • IoT Solutions (Water, Power, Asset Mgmt)

  • Attendance systems


  • Housekeeping Chemicals, Machinery, Hand Tools & Materials supply

Facility Management Services


Our experience in the FMS (Facilities Management Services) for Apartment & Villa community world has helped us to decode the essential needs and expectations of our customers. This deep understanding has helped us to address the core factors diligently and provide tailor-made solutions.


As a customer-intensive facility management services provider for Apartment & Villa community, we strive to find and close gaps between customer expectations and our service delivery. We provide administrative assistance and business support in areas like Apartment Facility Manager, Accounting, Security Services, Finance Auditing, help desk etc.

Our Strengths:

★ The ‘3 R’s of customer service - Resources, Response      and Respect.
★ Computer aided management system for prompt and      high quality facility management services
★ Efficient and agile process of operation
★ Constant and committed improvisation

Facility Manager Training at Uniservice Facility Management Services company
Apartment Facility Managers Training & Certification program
Housekeeping Services - Uniservice Facility Management Services
Cleaning Services - Uniservice Facility Management Services

Our Soft Services Management is built on the principle of providing excellent living standards to people and communities with primary focus on the comfort and safety of people. Our polite and courteous staff is well-trained to understand the priorities and convenience of the clients.

With Uniservice Facility Management Services you are assured of a welcoming and secured facility management services in your place that makes the environment around you tick 24/7 without obtrusion. With our expertise and exposure to various facility management services like housekeeping, gardening, waste management, pest control etc., we ensure a hassle-free ambiance to your apartment communities.

Our Assurance:

★ Immaculate service delivery
★ Courteous and well-trained personnel
★ Attention to details
★ Focus on residents’ comfort, safety and security
★ Impeccable work-ethics, integrity and human          values


We are experts in all Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing facility management services. We deploy trained, licensed & certified technicians. We provide certified & trained operators to maintain STP/WTP/RO water treatment plants. 

Our efficient facility management services team is well-equipped to assist you in emergencies and resolve issues rapidly and effectively. We also do turnkey projects & AMC services

Electrical Maintenance Services - Uniservice Facility Management Services
We excel in:

★ Regular monitoring and risk assessment
★ Well-planned preventive maintenance
★ Swift response system to emergencies
★ Highly knowledgeable and skilled technical hands
★ Consistent quality check and updated safety


STP Plant Maintenance - Uniservice Facility Management Services
Our Service Excellence

★ Cost-cutting on primary expense categories like          energy and water through efficient auditing
★ No-hassles, easy Turn-key projects
★ Assistance in Building snag and audit reports are        experts in all Mechanical, Electrical &, 
Plumbing maintenance services.

Our enriching experience and expertise in diverse aspects of Facilities Management services and smart building solutions have equipped us in providing consultation over a wide range of services like Energy, Water and Finance Audits, Turn-key projects, Green initiatives, environmental solutions etc.


Uniservice helps you to identify specific facilities or expense categories that yield the greatest cost savings. Our audit services help you to recognize the actual and potential overcharges, unclaimed reimbursable expenses etc thereby saving on your finances tremendously.


Checklist & schedules for Housekeeping in terms of daily , weekly & monthly is customized for the facility. Daily briefing & monthly training given to staffs to maintain service quality.


Electrical Maintenance works at Uniservice Facility Management Services

Certified and skilled electricians perform preventive maintenance , earthing checks, operation of DGs and energy audits ensuring the power consumption within limits.


STP Plant Maintenance service - Uniservice Facility Management Services

STP/WTP plant operations by trained operators as per OEM recommendations and treated water quality meets the standards prescribed by pollution control board.


Garden Maintenance - Uniservice Facility Management Services

Gardeners does regular watering, deweeding, lawn leveling, pruning, trimming and dead plants  removal as per checklist, horticulturists maintains in house nursery at every facility.


Plumbers monitor water levels in all the tanks, leakage arresting, tanker procurement and ensure round the clock water supply to residents.


Water treatment plant operation and maintenance - Uniservice Facility Management Services

STP/WTP plant operations by trained operators as per OEM recommendations and treated water quality meets the standards prescribed by pollution control board.


Swimming Pool Maintenance Services at Uniservice Facility Management Services

Swimming pool operation by trained operators maintain PH & Chlorine levels in water in an ideal range. Proactive steps taken to maintain water quality as per seasonal requirements.


Pest control services - Uniservice Management Services

Pest control personnel does fogging , misting , rodent & snake control and destroy all breeding zones to ensure safety and hygiene of the premises.


Organic Waste Composting services- Uniservice Management Services

Waste segregation at source is ensured through 2bin1bag model and the wet waste is used to generate compost using OWC machine and the manure is used for gardens.


Security services - Uniservice Facility Management Services

We deploy only PSARA certified security agency and ensure effective guidelines & process in place for gate management. Daily Briefing, training & communication tools will be provided.