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Uniservice Facility Management Services

  • ★ What is an Integrated Facility Management Services?
    Integrated Facility Management Services, also known as IFM, is one of the best ways to consolidate all services under a single management team and contract. The core intent of integrated facilities management services is to streamline communications and make everyday operations easier, deliver results quickly.
  • ★ What do you mean by Technology driven facility management services?
    We use technology to monitor & control the daily operations. Our cloud based software tailored to give insights on the operational aspects of the facility be it power & water management, asset management, attendance management & tasks management etc. Our analytics platform helps our clients to do cost effective maintenance of the facility, also help for budgeting, preventive measures and timely decision making.
  • ★ What is your business model?
    There are two kinds of model: Manpower model: Budgeted head count for various facility management services and billing will be based on actual attendance. 10% management fee applicable on the total billing. Square feet model: Involves a lumpsum model comprising manpower, materials & periodic services (tank cleaning, equipment servicing, general repairs etc). Excludes power & water bills, diesel and AMCs cost. Lumpsum billing will be made on square feet basis.
  • ★ What are the various sizes of apartments being managed?
    The residential society (Apartments, Villas) facility management services ranging from 150 flats to 800+ flats being managed by us all over Bengaluru.
  • ★ Can you provide few referrals of your customers and arrange site visit for the same?
    Yes. We can give the contact numbers of our clients with whom you can interact with and ask for feedback about our facility management services depending on the locality. We also can arrange a site visit on specified dates of interest to you.
  • ★ What are your preconditioners to provide services?
    We expect our client to have the followings for us to provide facility management services: Registered association (RWA) Minimum 150 flats Payment as per minimum wages. Facility Manager under uniservice payroll. Bill payments in 10 working days.
  • ★ Is uniservice ok to do single service ?
    We generally prefer integrated facility management services to deliver best results to the society. However we would like to take any single vertical of IFMS, mentioned below! Power Management: Skilled Electrician, Operation and Maintenance of Electrical equipments like DG, Transformer, Lifts, Motor/Pumps, Scheduled maintenance services etc. Water Management: Skilled Plumber, Operation and Maintenance of Water Treatment Plants (WTP), Sewage Treatment Plants (STP), Reverse Osmasis Plants (ROP), Swimming Pools and Water Bodies. Hygiene management: Housekeeping, Waste Segregation & Disposal, Pest Control, Organic composting etc Administrative Staffs: Management staffs like Facility Manager, Assistant Facility Management, Club House Manager, Customer Relationship Manager, Receptionist, Help Desk, Respective field supervisors.
  • ★ What are your USPs?
    Below are our major USPs. Uniservice is known for a SMART facility management services provider for residential communities and reduce RWAs burden. Below are our major focus: One stop solution for all apartment needs – manpower, materials and technology services Cost saving measures initiative – power & water reduction, save natural resources. Sustainable solutions – 100% waste segregation at source, oraganic composting, eco-friendly services garden maintenance & pest management Turnkey projects execution – STP /WTP servicing, Pumps AMC and building audits Snag Audit & Reports: Energy audit, water audits
  • ★ Do you provide security services?
    Yes. Only the guarding services are outsourced to licensed (PSARA) agencies. Rest all the services like CCTV, Fire hydrants, Speed Breakers, Sign Boards, Intercoms are managed by uniservice facility management services. We take the complete responsibility of the security services.
  • ★ Do you provide BAT(Builder to Association Transition)? what are the charges?
    Yes, we provide BAT services. Charges will be provided after doing an initial assesment of the property. Our objective is to provide one stop facility management services.
  • ★ Do you have connect with Govt bodies like Electricity board, water supply board etc?"
    Yes, we have been working with electricity board, water supply board, fire department, pollution control board & labour department for required services across Bangalore.
  • ★ Do you provide 24/7 Emergency support ?
    Yes. We have a priority help line support and ERT team available to provide emergency support round the clock. We are also reachable on all mode of communication and all provide necessary support to our customer on time.
  • ★ What is the method of training for the ground level staffs like housekeeping?
    We have field experts for each services like Housekeeping, Gardening, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing), Water treatment plants (STP/WTP/RO) & swimming pool etc, who will train the staff, provide knowledge and ensure good service quality. We provide class room & on the site training. Daily briefing done at every sites, frequent followup done by the field experts, officers, operation & HR team.
  • ★ What is your mode of training for Management staffs – FM / AFM & help desk ?
    We have customized facility management services training module for management staffs based on functions like Facility Manager, Asst Facility Manager, Client Relationship Manager, Help Desk etc.. We provide class room training & on the job training before deployment at site. Field officers, Operation Managers, HR Manager & Directors make frequent visit & provide necessary support & training on need basis.
  • ★ What are the cost saving measures undertaken by you in various apartments?
    Below are the cost saving measures undertaken by Uniservice Facility Management Services in various apartments: Waste management Power savings Water conservation Staffs productivity Rain water harvesting Solar initiatives Inhouse nursery STP sludge cake making Revenue generation for common area (commercial activities)
  • ★ Do you have Service level Agreements in the contract?
    Yes. Once the commercial is finalized by the sales team, uniservice facility management services will share the draft agreement which contains the scope of work, roaster plan and SLAs & terms and condition.
  • ★ How long do you prefer notice period to onboard the project?
    After the signing of the LOI (Letter Of Intent), Uniservice will take 30 days’ time to commence the services.
  • ★ Do you have back up staffs in the absence / replacement?
    Yes, in terms on unplanned – emergency leave or planned long leave we shall deploy the stand by Manager/ Technicians or Operators.
  • ★ How is your escalation metrics?
    Always our Property Manager / Facility Manager is the first point fo contact for any issues. If the issues is not addressed with in SLA, then you can reach out to the below escalation metics. Facility Manager Operation Manager Director - Operations We have 24X7 support from backend team, people can reach out to +91-9900443210 (or)
  • ★ What is your contract tenure and what will be the cost implication during the renewal?
    We shall form the agreement for 1 year to max 3 years. And the cost implication shall be based on the Industry standards and on mutual consent. If there is any impositions on the minimum wages that shall be implied.
  • ★ How do you ensure the smooth transition without any backlogs?
    We shall have 7 days of transition process before the commencement of services. Any which ways we analyse the operating systems and its conditions during the Snag Audit which is our first step after receiving the LOI from Client to the start the facility management services.
  • ★ How do you ensure the quality of services on a regular basis?
    We have executives, supervisors of each department like Electrical, Plumbing, Plant operations, Housekeeping, Gardening, Pool Operations etc, Our staffs will visit the site frequently, train the staffs, give feedback on improvement areas and understand the challenges. We also share the report on a daily, weekly, monthly basis to the clients.
  • ★ How does Minimum wages play a key role in FMS to us and Uniservice?
    As per the Government norms minimum wages is mandatory. Contract Labour Regulation & Abolition Act: The principal employer (RWA's, Association) gets the registration certificate (Labour, ESI, PF, PAN, GST) from the contractor (Service Providers like Uniservice), contractor obtains the license from the competent authority as provided under section 7 of the contract labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act, before proceeding to engage the contract labour. Contract should be given to those contractors, who is covered by the Employees’ provident fund & Miscellaneous provisions Act and the Employees ‘state insurance Act, who have their own code number under the Act. Contractor shall be responsible for payment of wages to his labour. If the If fails to make payment of wages, or makes short payment, then the principal employer shall be liable to make payment of wages in full or the unpaid balance due to the contract labour employed by the contractor Principal Employer is vicariously liable for any non-compliance on the part of the Contractor.
  • ★ Do you have required licenses and certificate to operate & provide services?
    Yes. We are in compliant as per the shop & establishment act, obtained necessary licenses to provide facility management services like MSME, Labour license & statutary compliance. We have license to opearete Housekeeping, Plumbing, Electrical, Horticulture, Water treatment plant maintenance, Pool maintenance etc.
  • ★ What is minimum wages?
    An Act to provide for fixing minimum rates of wages in certain employments. Minimum wages have been defined as the minimum amount of remuneration that an employer is required to pay wage earners for the work performed during a given period, which cannot be reduced by collective agreement or an individual contract. For additional details please refer Minimum Wages Act.
  • ★ Do you provide background verification for the staffs ?
    Yes, we provide address verification/ police verification / third party verification / medical certificate for the staff during deployment, if required, shall be extra.
  • ★ Are you compliant as per Govt norms?
    Yes. Uniservice facility management services is 100% compliant as per govt norms. We have registered GST, PAN, PT, EPF, ESIC, TDS etc.
  • ★ What is your billing cycle ?
    We do monthly billing. Every month 25th is our billing date. We provide 2 weeks to clear the payment from the invoice date.
  • ★ What is the preferred mode of bill payment accepted ?
    We accept all modes of payments like NEFT/ RTGS/ Cheque etc. No cash transactions.
  • ★ How do you make salary for the staffs?
    All staffs salary are paid through wire transfer in their BANK Account. No cash payments.
  • ★ What documents will be submitted along with invoice or bills?
    The below documents are submitted, Monthly Attendance Invoice Invoice Details (Detailed breakup - head count wise) ESI/PF Paid challan GST challan Deliver challan (DC), if any
  • ★ What is UniserviceApp Facility Management Services Application?
    Uniservice App ( is an in-house developed Facility Management Services App, promoted by Uniservice. Essentially benefits you for the following: It standardizes the way every staff thinks & acts; irrespective of their skill levels. Bridges the gap between you & your service providers. Let’s you know the quality of life you are living This results in an “Organized Facility Management”, peace of mind and monetary benefit too. It provides a healthy living for residents, optimize the overall maintenance cost by doing the predictive maintenance, and ensure safety of the premises.
  • ★ How does the Uniservice App Facility Management Services Module help the Facility Manager / Technicians / other key staffs?
    Uniservice Facility Management Services Module is equipped in such a way that, through the Facility Daily Update Feature your Facility Manager/Technicians/other key staffs performs the key checks of facilities every day and send you the precise report on equipment conditions, staff attendance, water quality & consumptions, power/diesel consumptions, waste segregation & near misses. This results in a proactive approach; hence no later surprises, due to this the staffs are organized of their day to day responsibilities.
  • ★ How does the Uniservice Facility Management Services Module help the RWAs?
    Uniservice Facility Management Services Module provides you a facility dashboard which consolidates all that you need to know about your facility at one place. The facility daily updates made by your staff every day are beautifully represented in the dashboard which, Helps to maintain the standard of facility management irrespective of expert level of staffs. Provides insights to do predictive maintenance, hence, increase equipment lifetime, and save natural resources (water, power etc..), optimize maintenance cost. Helps you visualize your facilities, take informed decisions & it’s a best bet to pull key points for AGM & budgeting etc.
  • ★ What is Task Management Feature? What are its benefits?
    Task Management Module is a 3 way communication between RWA, FM Staffs & service provider’s back office. Its benefits are as follows: Seamless interaction: Better love triangle between the MCs, Facility Manager and vendors, result in productive meetings. Categorization: Tasks categorization like projects, audit, onboarding & operation will give insights to FMS vendor on work load involved and help in better resource planning. Task Flow: Work flow based task management will ensure internal process adherence & also provides timeline based update on the status of various tasks to stakeholders. Prioritization: Automatic reminders & pop up messages will equip the FM to set as high, normal & low priority thereby effectively managing the dynamics in the business. Best practices: Innovation in processes, equipment and project that are implemented in one site enable effective knowledge sharing to other sites. Top Performers: Speed of task execution will help us in identifying the top performers in the company and help in better career planning for future opportunities.
  • ★ What are the major functionalities of an Attendance Module?
    Attendance Module focuses mostly on the below functionalities: Organized staff management: Site specific Staffs, Roles & Shift can be managed, Accessible to operation managers & management. Key Staff Availability: Manage your staffs round the clock, let everyone knows the availability of them inside the community. Outsourced contract Management: Outsourced vendors like Security, OEM (Lift, DG, CCTV, and Intercom), Onetime service providers (Handyman) can be managed easily. Vendor Access: Enable restricted access to vendors to manage their staffs. Schedule & Shifts: Roaster plan, schedule & shifts are managed effectively. Automatic assigning of a staffs as per their presence in particular shift is taken care. History is important: Staffs history and staffs expertise, feedback can be managed.
  • ★. What are the major functionalities of an Inventory module?
    Inventory module focuses mostly on the Asset Management & Consumables Tracking. Asset management has major functionalities as below: Tag & manage your assets Track the asset movements Maintain service records Automatic AMC & service due reminders Consumables tracking is an add on to know the current stock of consumables present in your community. It gives insights on if the quantities are adequate enough to run day to day operations.
  • ★ How can you automize the attendance capturing? What are its benefits?
    FaceCheckin IoT device is used to automize the attendance capturing of all the staffs working in your community. Its benefits are as follows: Remote Onboarding: Onboard your staffs at the site anywhere in the globe sitting at your office. Avoids proxy/fraud: Time fraud or “buddy punching”, finger print issues are eliminated. Accurate report: Attendance, absence, and overtime with an identification process that is fast as well as accurate. Human error is eliminated. Automated (Back office): Quicker invoice generation & Submit to the client in “one click”. Schedule & Shifts: Roaster plan, schedule & shifts are managed effectively. Automatic assigning of a staffs as per their presence in particular shift is taken care. Productivity of unbilled accounts: Improvement of Security Level. Authorized entry by vendors. Real-time: Attendance data pushed to cloud. Stores data offline and sync with cloud in case of network failure.
  • ★ Uniservice App is on cloud? Who is the cloud service provider?
    Yes, Uniservice App is hosted on cloud. Digital Ocean, the data centre located in Bangalore.
  • ★ Since there will be personalized information, how is data privacy guaranteed?"
    Data is encrypted at transit and even our support team cannot access your data without your knowledge to as we don't have super user concept. We will share the detailed agreement on data privacy and confidentiality which needs to be signed before onboarding.
  • ★ Where will the business continuity be defined when Uniservice App is down? (OR) Is there a mirror site to switch to, when the app is down?"
    We have a standby server which is being mirrored with primary server, which will also act as a fall-back when primary is down.
  • ★ Do you supply tools and materials required for apartment day to day maintenance?
    Yes, we do supply tools and materials required to manage day to day operations of apartment maintenance. We have a portal where the various categories of products listed.
  • ★ What type of tools and materials available in the portal?
    We supply all Housekeeping cleaning liquids, Housekeeping tools and consumables, Garden Tools and consumables, Stationary items, Electrical and Plumbing tools.
  • ★ What are the benefits to RWA procuring from
    The major benefits are product availability, Best quality of products, Product selection, on-time delivery and 2 weeks credit period for Uniservice customers.
  • ★ How to place an order in
    It is very simple, please follow below steps. After adding all the products, just procced with check out. Once the account is created, search the products and add in the cart. Create a new account if new customer by clicking “No account? Create one here” link in the sign in page.
  • ★ How long will take for delivery once the order is placed?
    We make sure the order is processed and delivered with in 48 hrs at your door steps.
  • ★ Do you supply only for RWA or individual home also?
    We do supply for individual home also with order value more than Rs. 5,000.
  • ★ What are the payment modes available?
    We do accept Online payment, Cheque payment and Cash on Delivery modes
  • ★ Is return policy available?
    We do take return with in 7 days of delivery. The product should not be opened for use or not used.
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