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STP/WTP – Water treatment

STP/WTP plant operations by trained operators as per OEM recommendations and treated water quality meets the standards prescribed by pollution control board.

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Swimming pool maintenance

Swimming pool operation by trained operators maintain PH & Chlorine levels in water in an ideal range. Proactive steps taken to maintain water quality as per seasonal requirements.

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Electrical Services

Certified and skilled electricians perform preventive maintenance , earthing checks, operation of DGs and energy audits ensuring the power consumption within limits.

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Plumbing Services

Plumbers monitor water levels in all the tanks, leakage arresting, tanker procurement and ensure round the clock water supply to residents.

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Pest Control

Pest control personnel does fogging , misting , rodent & snake control and destroy all breeding zones to ensure safety and hygiene of the premises.

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Security Services

We deploy only PSARA certified security agency and ensure effective guidelines & process in place for gate management. Daily Briefing, training & communication tools will be provided.

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Checklist & schedules for HK in terms of daily , weekly & monthly is customized for the facility. Daily briefing & monthly training given to staffs to maintain service quality.

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Waste Management

Waste segregation at source is ensured through 2bin1bag model and the wet waste is used to generate compost using OWC machine and the manure is used for gardens.

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Gardeners does regular watering, deweeding ,lawn levelling, prunning, trimming and dead plants removal as per checklist, horticulturists maintains in house nursery at every facility.

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  • 3+ Years
  • 50+ Properties
  • 1200+ Staffs
  • 7Million Sq Ft Maintenance

Integrated Facility Management

We incorporate only the international standards of quality services, best practices & safety policies to meet and exceed our customer expectations. Our integrated facility management services make use of a state-of-the-art process, equipment’s and eco-friendly products. And this won us Bangalore’s Best Gated Community Management Awards.


We are in accordance with established guidelines or specifications as specified by the Govt of India labour act ESI, PF, VAT, GST complaints. We ensure on time salary payment to our staffs, ethics, basic necessities for employees, employment opportunities

Cost Saving Measures

We developed solutions for Analytics based Maintenance to predict operations disruption and help maintenance activities more manageable. Our Day-to-Day seamless operations, Proactive Integrated services enable our clients and customers to save costs on Maintenance every month.

Digitized Reports

We provide a daily, weekly and monthly digital reporting for all the information you need like daily attendance, ticket status, operation costs, Power consumption, Water usage, PPM levels, MLSS etc. Our daily reports also analyses and guides you on scope of improvement to reduce maintenance costs, proactively address the issues.

Experienced and Qualified Staff

The staff of Uniservice are undergoes stringent and rigorous background checks. They also undergo verifications for identity and qualifications that are related to the maintenance industry. They are well-trained and have a single goal i.e. to offer best services to you.

On Time Service

The team and staff of Uniservice provide a 24/7 service desk and ensures prompt on-site response. We ensure that all clients and customers avail services well on time without any delay in terms of man power as well as material. Your service requests are attended promptly, swiftly and efficiently