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15 Reasons to Outsource Integrated Facility Management

Large residential and commercial facilities have multiple daily, weekly and monthly maintenance activities. This include not only general cleaning but also building maintenance and repair projects as well. Having dedicated in-house for over 85+ different maintenance service categories is impossible. Also, taking adhoc service requests from different standalone players is not the ideal solution.

Integrated Facility Management Services Companies come into rescue as they employ, train and deploy professionals in an uninterrupted manner with clearly defined service level agreements, all in an affordable manner.

Here are 15 Reasons on why to consider outsourcing your facility management.


1.Financial savings

Assured cost savings on hiring in-house staff is clearly evident. Outsourcing facility management to integrated facility management service companies shower financial savings in multiple streams. Especially the savings from recurring expenses paid on Power, water management, waste management, equipment repairs and vendor management.

2.Buying Efficiencies

Integrated Facility Management vendors have better negotiation ties when it comes to spending capex on purchasing machinery and heavy duty equipment for large residential and commercial properties. Their frequent purchase arrangements with strategic vendor tie-ups can benefit your residential society or company. Consult with the pros than spending time and energy in procuring one-off quotes.

3.Better technical expertise

Often it is proven that building facility maintenance and management has lot of complex dependencies. If not understood, adhoc facility management work will bring in unplanned downtimes and huge repair costs. Having a dedicated vendor in a long-term contract will help in managing the facility with trained and certified technical professionals attending to the needs.

4.Access to Facility Management Best practices

Integrated Facility Management Vendors serve multiple clients who are similar to your residential societies or commercial organizations. This means a lot when we get pre-emptive recommendations on implementing best practices that prevent huge spending from pooled maintenance budgets.

5.Transfer of risk/share risk

By outsourcing facility management to dedicated vendors, the risk of taking adhoc decisions are thoroughly consulted. The risks are also reduced by making the facility management vendor accountable with consultative engagement. This works out very well as there is a common interest to wisely spend from maintenance budgets only on priority areas that too after thoroughly vetting the risks and rewards involved.

6.Focus on core business

For any large residential society or a commercial business, the Maintenance of its own facility is not the core business. Facility management is just a function, if handled well the available time, money and resources can be well spent on the core business. For large residential apartments, it is living community life in a peaceful and harmonious manner. For commercial organizations, they can focus on strategic growth areas.

7.Better management information

Residential or commercial Facility Management provides lot of insights for better upkeep and cost-savings when managed by professionals. Facility Management companies use lot of metrics to capture data and monitor progress. This is not easily achievable when managed in-house as there are no dedicated facility program manager to oversee from a strategic perspective.

8.Save on management time

Time is of utmost importance for residential apartment association members or for facility managers of large commercial organizations. When it comes to facility management unplanned maintenance or downtimes cause chaos. The concerned facility manager should be empowered with right resources, right budget, right support at the right time to ensure seamless function and maintenance of properties.

9.Greater flexibility

Dedicated and integrated facility management service companies offer greater flexibility in planning effective and efficient facility maintenance. Their pool of talent, expertise and consultation helps in prioritizing and taking right decisions with greater flexibility.

10.Service level improvements

Professional facility management service providers establish clearly defined service level agreements – SLAs for each of the streams. What this means to the clients is that, they are being rest assured of timely service at great quality.

11.Innovation in service delivery

Process, People and Technology – plays a great role in Facility Management. Proven facility management companies drive innovation in service delivery. They deploy advanced technology, mature processes and rely on professional expertise of trained people. By engaging a vendor, continued improvements and innovation in the overall facility management delivery gets enhanced.

12.Increased competitiveness

Outsourcing Facility Management means there are multiple companies who offer competitive quotes for the same service level expectations. Evaluating multiple vendors help in freezing overall facility management goals. Also it offers significant cost-savings for residential complexes and large commercial organizations. Even within the same vendor, multiple teams can combine and compete to demonstrate maximum benefits.

13.Optimal in-house staff Strength

Outsourcing Facility management to 3rd party companies help attract and retain empowered staff members in a lean manner. This improves employee morale and lot of time for them to focus on their energy in adding further value to their organization. By making a 3rd party integrated facility management service company accountable, the decision maker and stakeholders may focus on further improvement areas.

14.Improve sustainability

Self-sustainability is key when it comes to managing facilities. Rising cost of general upkeep may be disturbed or come to stand still when unplanned repairs and maintenance activities pop-up. Managing the maintenance funds appropriately helps in assuring harmony within the residential community or organization. Also from an environment perspective the facility can contribute its best with clean, lean waste management, energy consumption and recycling policies.

15.Deliver improved brand image

Facilities when managed by top facility management companies gain an improved brand image. Everything in facility management has a strict protocol to follow. Each activity is bring tracked, monitored for effective implementation and quantified results. Facilities look fresh, professionally managed and contribute to overall wellness of residents or large pool of workers. There is harmony and better retention of staff in well-managed facilities.

Outsourcing facility management to a well-reputed facility management vendor will play a huge role in the improving the health and commercial value of properties. Maximize savings and Minimize Risks by outsourcing Facility Management. Take your decision today. Consult with Integrated Facility Management Companies Near You!

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