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Housekeeping: A Prime FM Service for the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is one of the largest industries in the world. It provides an array of services such as hotels, restaurants and travel agencies. The industry is primarily concerned with the provision of clean bedding, towels and other amenities to the guests. This is where professional housekeeping service comes into light. Effective housekeeping service is a critical component of any hotel operation.

It is important for housekeeping teams to be aligned with the business objectives of the hotel, their departments and guests. In order to have a successful alignment, a housekeeping manager needs to understand what drives a guest’s satisfaction. Housekeeping is generally overlooked but it is a critical component of guest satisfaction. The hotel experience depends on how well staff members perform their tasks, especially those from the housekeeping department.

Other than hotels, professional housekeeping services are very much in demand in hospitals, on cruise liners, at offices and more. Most such organizations prefer to outsource these services to a professional facility management service provider such as Uniware. This article discusses the prime functions of housekeeping in the hospitality industry:

Cleanliness of the Facility

A hotel's cleanliness and overall appearance can impact its reputation, which ultimately determines the amount of business it receives. Housekeeping services include cleaning guest rooms and public areas, as well as daily linen change and bathroom maintenance. Housekeeping staff are responsible for ensuring that all public areas of the hotel — from hallways to stairwells to elevators — are clean and neat.

Comfort of your Guests

Another duty of housekeeping includes ensuring the care and comfort of the guests who are coming to your hotel. Better customer care through housekeeping is very vital in keeping the guests happy and satisfied. Providing guests with required amenities like clean linens, laundry services, etc. Establishing a warm and welcoming atmosphere with courteous, reliable service.

Seamless co-ordination of Process, People & Technology

The hotel and hospital industry are made up of several domains that collaborate to run a single firm! In order to regulate the entire operation, a correct workflow must be maintained. In order to get everything done in a timely manner, the housekeeping department must outperform. For example, make sure all of the appliances, power, and elevators are in good functioning order.

Safety and Security Regulations

Housekeeping is also involved in the safety of the hotel. Coordinating the renovation works along with other maintenance work plays a great role in keeping the place safe. Also, it is the duty of the housekeeping staff to know the safety and security regulations of the hotel, and strict following of the same will be a great advantage for the business.

Good housekeeping plays a very essential role in the functioning of any hospitality establishment. The job demands a high level of efficiency and professionalism which can be achieved only if the staff is trained to work according to defined standards. However, it can be hard to find good housekeepers that you can trust. This is why when hiring housekeepers, it’s important to make sure they have been properly trained. Not only will poorly trained housekeepers not do their job properly, but they also present a hazard to the people that work in and visit your business. The best way to ensure that your business has well-trained housekeepers is to hire professionals from a reputed facility management service provider like Uniservice.

Uniservice Facility Management is one of the reputed housekeeping service providers in Bangalore, Karnataka that has skilled and trained housekeeping people on board. They can help you with all types of housekeeping needs. For more information regarding the service, contact Uniservice Facility Management.

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