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Soft & Hard Services in Facility Management

Facility management services are useful in almost every aspect of life. Ranging from MNCs to every common man’s house, FM services are required. Most companies have facility service managers. They make sure that all the required activities are carried out. However, today, facility management agencies are gaining popularity. In recent years, Integrated Facility Management has been introduced in many agencies. Facility management services are broadly divided in two parts-hard services and soft services. While both these services are an essential part of FM, there is a marked difference between the two.

What is Soft and hard services?

Hard and soft services are like the two eyes of facility management.

Soft services are categorized as services that can be used to make a workplace better to work in-by making it secure, pleasant or more efficient. It is highly beneficial in terms of improving employee health and productivity.

Hard services, on the other hand, are the services that cannot be removed from the premises or directly related to the fabric of the building. This is also beneficial but, unlike soft services, in terms of welfare and safety of employees and is most required by law.

Examples and advantages of Soft Services

  • Some of the examples of soft services include landscaping, window cleaning, security, post management, waste management, catering and car parking. Soft services are mostly focused on improving the ambience of a place. The advantages include

  • Keeping the premises clean and habitable at all points. (Housekeeping)

  • Helps with the effective recycling and management of wastes. (Waste management)

  • Helps to maintain sparkling exterior and property value through façade cleaning. (Façade cleaning)

  • Boosts productivity along with the employees’ happiness level. (Maintaining a clean workplace).

  • It offers extreme environmental protection.

  • It offers better visual appeal for buyers.

Examples and advantages of Hard services

Some of the examples of hard services include lighting, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, building maintenance and fire safety systems. Hard services focus on maintaining quality within the building. The advantages include

· Improved asset reliability and availability.

· Lower maintenance costs.

· Compliance with regulatory requirements.

· Minimal workplace accidents.

Why is outsourcing facilities management a good idea?

If the agency is reputed, the professional will be well-trained and the managers will be able to act as an extension of one’s team. They may provide services faster than one’s own facility management team. This can be especially useful if the company’s facility management team is too thin or even if a company is planning a region change.

Nowadays, basic amenities are not enough for a workplace. Employees expect additional ones like waiting desks, outdoor spaces, fitness centers, on-site dining options etc. Providing these will enhance the employee’s happiness but will also increase the team’s workload. Outsourcing here will help the team focus more on priorities.

Finally, cost is saved. This is not exactly the primary benefit of FM service but is still an attractive one. Experienced professionals have more experience, more access to resources and best practices which will help any company keep their costs in check.

Need Assistance in Soft & Hard Services

Overall, outsourcing facility management can help companies increase productivity and also keep the employees happy. Finding the right agency might be a challenge. But that is not a problem.

Uniservice is an agency which will provide cost-effective and integrated facility management services for the betterment of the Corporate, Industry, Apartment and Villa communities. It has moved with the pulse of community living, exploring new possibilities and effectively serving people. It works towards creating a safe, secure & clean environment.

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