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Advantages of Disinfection & Fumigation as part of Facility Management

Facility management services are of much demand today. Many services essential to businesses and citizens like housekeeping, disinfection, pest control, maintenance etc, come under FM. Disinfection and fumigation jointly is one of the most important parts of normal human life and also of facilities management. Facilities management has two parts, one of which is soft services. Soft services are comprised of cleaning, disinfection and sanitization. These are the new life of the global facility management industry. As offices and business organisations slowly start opening up again, the soft part of FM will be the need of the hour.

What is disinfection service?

Disinfection is the process of removing harmful organisms from objects. This is done mostly by applying chemical sprays or wipes. However, it is done by different methods as well. Disinfection generally eliminates all pathogenic and harmful micro-organisms, with the exception of bacterial spores. Another method of disinfection is liquid chemicals or wet pasteurization. Chemical and physical are the two types of disinfection. Physical disinfection uses physical agents while chemical disinfection is done with the help of chemical agents, like chlorine. Chlorine incapacitates the pathogens and inhibits growth of micro-organisms.

Advantages of disinfection across Business Facilities

Better Health & Safety in Residential communities

The process of mist spraying is commonly followed. This eliminates viruses so the chance of contracting any viral diseases is greatly decreased. Chances of contracting any disease within the common area is reduced. This helps save costs that might, in normal cases, be used for medical assistance. Disinfection also makes the area smell nice as mildew is one of the cases that are taken care of. An added advantage is that a clean area also prevents pest infestations.

Improved workers’ satisfaction in office spaces

An office place with many employees will require disinfection services. This will lead to a number of health benefits in which employee health is the most significant.

It also improves mental health as it is known that clutter can have a negative impact on one’s mind. This will result in higher productivity and also help in increasing a comfortable mood.

With the business world reaching its peak, everyone spends a huge amount of time at work which indirectly says that the safety of workers is a must. With the health of employees at its peak, it will benefit them and also the employer. Peace of mind can only be provided when the person is confident that the place they are is clean. A well-known fact is that one can never be too cautious when it comes to health and well-being.

Improved Brand Image

In hotels, restaurants and other places where customers are essential for the success, their sense of satisfaction is important. If they have confidence that the place they are in is clean, it will impact their experience. When the cleaning experience is communicated and the customers know what is being done for them, it will make business dealings more confident.

Mitigation of Health risks & Compliance

Professional cleaners take care of almost all corners in a building or facility. They take care of areas that are not much used as well ensuring completeness. Even storage, basements, lofts and attics which may be ignored in normal circumstances are taken care of. This type of wide-safety management will ensure complete safety.

Advantages of Fumigation

Fumigation destroys and termites and pests. If it is not taken care of immediately, they are bound to return in a few weeks.

Normally, sprays and applications will take care of the visible areas but fumigation does more. It covers every nook and corner, including cracks where termites are likely to build colonies.

Fumigation is much safer in comparison to the toxic chemicals, which can pose health hazards. Professional companies normally use non-toxic chemicals.

Fumigation helps save costs. The initial costs may seem high but it helps eliminate the problem of termites for a long time.

Get Professional Assistance

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