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Facility Management Tips for Effective Waste Management

Waste management is one of the functions that is often neglected in many organizations & residential communities. But in this changed social circumstances of pandemic and natural calamities, it is vital that your organization follow a proper waste management system that collects, segregates, and disposes of the waste produced properly. This will ensure that the people working your company are having a healthy atmosphere and are keeping the surrounding clean.

Conduct a Waste Management Audit

A waste management audit in your facility can give insights into the average amount of waste produced, types of waste produced, how it is collected and safely disposed of or recycled for good. Such a waste management audit will bring key insights on how you can better the existing process of waste management. For example, food waste cannot be collected together with other waste items. So it should be collected separately and plastic materials need to be kept in a separate bin. Black cover can be used to collect the general waste. But it needs to be reduced, as it is difficult to separate for recycling. So an audit is needed to decide on these things.

Design a Waste Collection Schedule

The waste materials should be collected on a regular interval and a schedule should be maintained in collecting it. If not, it can bring serious health hazards to the people near the area. Also improperly maintained waste bins will be a source of foul smell. So the building should have a properly working waste collection schedule. Along with this good quality waste collecting bags is also advised for the proper working of waste collection.

Make the Location easier & safer to Dispose Waste

Placement of waste bins is vital for the effective implementation of a waste management system. The employees and public must be able to easily access the waste bin and collect the waste in a common place. The correct placement of waste bins in the correct size is inevitable for a good waste management system. For example, rather than placing small bins under each and every desk, common waste disposal points at spots like dining areas, printing machines etc. will be much more effective.

Signs to guide waste at the right Spots

Easily understandable signs, placed at proper locations will have a great impact on the waste production and management in your office. When clubbed with good designs and apt colors, the signs boards will educate the people regarding proper waste management manners and help the facility management of your company to operate more effectively

Professionals to Handle the Process

The waste management system in an organization should be handled by professionally trained people. These people will know how to handle each type of waste and dispose of it in its professional manner. This will also help with cutting down the cost of waste management, as these people are likely to make less mistakes with the waste disposal machines and the process.

Need Professional Waste Management Expertise?

Scientific Waste Management is not everyone’s cup of tea. Outsource your waste management process to a trusted facility management company like Uniservice facility Management. They are one of the best facility management service providers in Bangalore, who have professionals on board to keep your building neat and clean. To know more about the services, visit the official site.

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