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Importance of Housekeeping Services as part of IFM

Integrated Facility Management services involves maintenance and management of businesses and industrial facilities. It maintains quality standards of cleaning with a commitment. IFM mostly aims at making sure that the business is capable of operating. It also ensures that it has a positive flow of cash to support debt in long-term. The flow of cash is also essential in assuring upcoming and operational business. Housekeeping and cleaning services is a part of IFM. It is highly essential for business places, residential areas, corporate companies and even for the hotel industry. The importance of housekeeping services is mentioned below.

Housekeeping in Hotel Industry

Housekeeping is an important part in the hotel industry. Housekeeping services are essential for multiple services. The responsibilities include cleanliness, aesthetic upkeep of rooms, maintenance of public areas and others. Among hotels, rooms and services constitute almost 50% of all sales, making it an important part of its profit. The efforts of a housekeeping service in giving clients a desirable experience is reflected by the guests’ stay in the hotel. Alongside cleaning rooms, housekeeping services are also required to maintain a standard quality of rooms so that clients extend their stay and might choose their services again in the future. Housekeeping services are essential for the success for the hotel industry and to give it a long-lasting reputation.

Housekeeping for Residential Areas

Housekeeping basically provides the basic cleaning part of an apartment. Their services also include dumping the trash, wiping down sinks, dusting and vacuuming rooms. Professional housekeeping services takes care of all the maintenance tasks in an apartment. Housekeeping services are essential for residential areas because it prevents accidents and fires in an apartment. It also reduces disposal costs in an apartment. It contributes to effective use of space within the work space. It creates a more hygiene environment and it also reduces operation and handling time. The primary reason as to why housekeeping services are preferred is because of the reduction of capital costs.

Housekeeping for Corporate Companies

Corporate companies tend to look at professional housekeeping services as more of an investment than as an expense. An efficient housekeeping service will conduct timely cleaning and maintenance work and protect the business assets. Assets like carpets, floors, tiles and equipment will be harmlessly cleaned as efficient housekeeping services are comprised of professionally trained individuals. They also make sure to prevent excessive wear and tear, which will increase the lifespan of the equipment.

Housekeeping for Co-Working Spaces

Business Centers or Co-working spaces need housekeeping services because a neat and clean workplace always gives a nice first impression for customers who might visit the place. Proper housekeeping services ensure that the floor is kept clean and dry and also ensures that materials like oil and grease are removed from the common areas as soon as possible. 5% or above of dust in a workplace can create a health hazard. Housekeeping services make sure that at the end of a cleaning, everything is spick and span. Housekeeping services in business spaces eventually provide a safer environment, a boost to the organisational image, an improvement in efficiency and productivity, help in good control over the processes and an assistance in maintaining the product quality.


Housekeeping services help make one’s life very easy. The little investment on housekeeping will help the person enjoy the free time they have. It will be a decision that person wont regret. It will also help the person get the time to relax and get back on track.

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