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Integrated Facility Management In The New Normal

The Covid 19 pandemic has changed our life completely upside from what we knew of. We have faced many struggles during this time and now as the early signs of recovery start to appear the businesses have started to open and that has become our new normal. The facility management of the companies has become the frontrunners in battling this pandemic to keep the employees safe.

The Groundwork:

Before welcoming back your employees, the company should make sure of the employee’s safety. Major companies have made Integrated Facility Management their main focus during this pandemic. This team in facility management will be responsible for the cleaning, disinfecting, and other safety precautions that will be needed for the workplace. They will work on plans to create a safe working environment for the employees and protect them from both exposure and transmission. As the number of employees returning to work increases the facility management will be front and center. The employees who have returned to their workplace will not be looking forward to an unhealthy situation and that’s where the Integrated Facility Management team will come into play for creating a safe environment.

Things To Make sure of:

The World Health Organization has advised certain things to be done to ensure the safety of the workplace.

  • Making sure that the surface and other objects are wiped clean using a disinfectant on a regular basis.

  • Making sure the availability of hand sanitizers to all by placing them in prominent places around the workplace.

  • Making sure the workplace has better air ventilation and ensuring everyone wears a mask.

These are some of the ways advised by WHO to be followed in a workplace and these things will be enforced by the facility manager of that particular organization.

Challenges faced by facility managers in Covid-19


Keeping the place clean and safe is the primary duty of a facility manager in the Covid-19 phase. He/she should take extra care in providing a safe working environment of all employees in the place. Sanitizing the place in regular intervals is the only way to maintain safety. Also, Covid-19 brings the challenge of choosing new products from the market for sanitization and cleaning. For many facility managers, getting acquainted with the new cleaning standards issued by governments and choosing new products for the same is a challenge.

Maintaining air quality

The primary source through which the Corona virus is spread is air. So maintaining the quality of air in the office or working space is important. Doing a regular maintenance of HVAC and consulting some HVAC guidance can help you with keeping the air healthy. Also, going for best practices of forced air maintenance will help during the pandemic.

Reimagining the workplace

Another major challenge faced by Facility Manager is the reimagining of the workplace. The whole office should be rearranged as per the security guidelines. Proper usage of shared spaces and distancing parameters should be implemented. This will take a considerable amount of time to plan and execute the new changes.

The Task Of Facility Managers

The facility managers will play a major role in the smooth workflow of the business during this pandemic time. This pandemic has taught us to look at cleanliness from a different perspective. The facility managers and their team will look over the cleaning and maintenance of the workplace. They should come up with maintenance activities and rest on their laurels but instead continue working on practices that ensure a safe and healthy workplace. They will carry out risk assessments and enforce safety procedures.

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