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Integrated Facility Management Trends 2021

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Last two years have been challenging for many, especially for Facility Management Professionals. For the first time ever, Facility management professionals encounter extremely different dynamics and they had to swiftly adapt. They had to think outside the box, take decisions on the fly and come up with radical decisions for providing systematic facility management services to residential societies and commercial organizations.

While heading towards more such unprecedented times, here are Top Facility Management Trends for 2021.

  1. Culture change — For the first time ever, Facility Management Professionals have gained visibility for the relentless work they do in running operations. Residents and Employees have come to closely work with facility management on a One-to-One basis for sorting out their remote work arrangements and following reimagined safety precautions. This change in perception will strengthen communication and collaboration among facility management professionals, other line of business functions and even employees/residents. New ways of brainstorming, feedback sessions, community safety debriefing and suggestions can be exchanged both ways to ensure overall improvement in safety, cleanliness, hygiene etc.

  2. Use of technology – Increasingly Facility Management Function have been adopting information technology like Web Portals, Smart Mobile Apps and even connected Devices - Internet of Things (IOT) for delivering maximum value out of their facility management engagement. Everything from security sensors, camera feeds, equipment health data, utilities consumption to vendors’ value addition are being tracked. While the adoption of technology presents promising opportunities in tweaking return on investments, it also adds an element of security risk. Facility Managers need to work with technology teams and cyber security experts to protect their audience from all forms of risks.

  3. Reduced Capital Budgets COVID-19 Pandemic has not only hit businesses hard, but also residential complexes. They are short of their savings from monthly maintenance budgets. Support comes at higher costs and at unexpected times. The facility management committee wait on maintenance activities and repairs that attract huge expenditure. They need data and insights on prioritized activities they can undertake and address. By providing insights and proactive recommendations, facility managers could drive synchronized maintenance activities. Specific aspects or overall facility management can be outsourced to get professional assistance at a fraction of cost.

  4. Sustainability – More and more regulations are being introduced for residential associations and building maintenance for the overall safety and security, Facility Management Professionals need to stay updated on latest regulations. A long list of department specific regulations is introduced by multiple governing CIVIC bodies and Government in general. Failing to adhere to such regulations will lead into penalties and disruption of essential services to buildings. Stringent regulations of Corporation authorities in terms of real-estate planning within the premises for rain water harvesting, children play area, commercial complexes, Garden and parks etc. have to be adhered to.

  5. Resident / Occupant Experience – Going beyond conventional value addition by facility management companies like cost-savings and ease of use, facility managers are expected to improve overall Experience of Occupants. This is significant! Integrated & unified planning and execution needs to happen so that all touchpoints with occupants are being enhanced. Vendor collaboration and timely delivery of service is critical. That’s why large facilities are moving towards taking support from facility management solution providers who offer entire range of offerings like asset tracking, power management, water management, security, inventory management, HVAC and all capabilities under One single roof.

We are sure, your facility is already taking a lead with some of these latest trends already. What are some of the novel concepts your facility has introduced in recent times?

Let us continue this dialogue to exchange innovative facility management ideas.

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