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Covid-19 - Self help guide for RWA

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Given the current condition of Covid-19 spread, we should be prepared for a lock down scenario that may arise if the disease reaches the next stage. There could be a possible scenario where no workforce allowed to turn up for the regular duty. In such a situation we want to equip RWAs to manage the society seamlessly well without any major crisis for basic needs like power, water, waste management and security.

Guidelines to RWA's for society management:

1. CERT formation (Community Emergency Response Team) consists of

  • Management committee members (decision maker)

  • Ex-Committee members who has knowledge about the society

  • Electrical / Mechanical background professionals

  • Ex-Service man, Doctors

  • Residents volunteers

2. Preparation for emergency:

  • Assign well defined roles & responsibilities for each member

  • Obtain knowledge transfer in your respective areas from the facility team

  • KYF (Know Your Facility) - SOP (standard operating procedure) from FM

  • Anticipate the increased usage of resources like power, water, waste etc

  • Display ERT contact details at specific location in the society

  • Inventory - stock of basic supply like HK Consumables, Diesel etc

  • Conduct field operations without FM/technicians help to validate your KYF

  • Publish do & don’ts, all emergency contacts (police, ambulance, hospital, health inspector) to all residents.

3. Checklist for critical services during emergency

Water Management

  • Avoid flushing unwanted items in commode

  • Borewell operations and timings schedule

  • Know your Cauvery water supply time

  • Maintain water level in each tanks

  • Water rationing on timely basis

  • Swimming pool water can be re-used for flush when no supply

  • Controlled WTP and RO plant operations

Hygiene Management:

  • Reduce wet & reject waste generation

  • Store dry waste in home

  • Keep marked bins at designated location & request residents to dispose

  • Disinfectant spray at regular intervals

  • Hygiene awareness poster on visible locations

  • Ensure common amenities are locked

Power Management

  • DG operation knowledge / refer SOP

  • Maintain adequate diesel level

  • Limit running hours of DG if required

Safety & Security:

  • Follow Advisory in view of Covid-19 for RWA by BBMP, WHO. Refer:

  • Know your lifts, pump key, remotes locations

If you are stuck and operation goes out of control, please reach us on our 24X7 Hotline Numbers +91-9740789995 / 7338282505 / 9900443210 for guidance.

Note: These are just our recommendations based on our experience in managing apartments. Uniservice bears no responsibility for the necessity or sufficiency of these steps. We are sharing them in the best interest of everyone.

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