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Top Water Conservation Methods to Implement in Your Community

Water has become a scarce resource in today’s world. Major cities like Bangalore and Chennai are facing a huge water crisis and a large number of people have no access to water. They are depending on water tankers as their only water source.

People living in apartments and gated communities can easily avoid this crisis by taking up proper water conservation measures. But still, a good amount of water is being wasted every day. The authority of the apartments and the gated community should ensure proper water management which will not only benefit their community but the whole society.

So how can your community initiate better water management? Given below are some innovative ideas for better water management.

Smart Water Conservation Techniques:

Rainwater Harvesting System:

Rainwater harvesting is the best way when it comes to water management. The water stored by this system can be used for everyday needs. It is very cost-effective and can be used as an artificial groundwater recharging system. Installing a rooftop rainwater harvesting system can store water in your tanks and also be used for recharging your groundwater. Rainwater harvesting system is very effective and a must-have to fight against water scarcity.

Greywater System:

Most of the water management issues can be avoided by greywater systems. The greywater usage or recycling of water can help you save up to 40% of your annual water bill. The wastewater with lower contaminations can be treated and reused for gardens, laundry, and cleaning purposes. A dual piping system should be installed to enable the use of reused water. A simple procedure can be followed to modify your current piping system into a dual piping system. One will carry the pluggable water in the dual piping system while the other carries the recycled water.

STP System:

As mentioned before greywater can be easily treated and recycled, but when it comes to blackwater certain measures should be taken for it to be treated for recycling purposes. That’s where the STP system comes in. The blackwaters contain bacteria that can be injurious to your health. A Sewage Treatment Plant is the best way for treating blackwater as it can break down the particles and create a clean and environment-friendly water source. Communities must invest in STP systems for better water conservation.

Water Meter and Water Pressure Regulators:

In multi-storied buildings, the pressure of the water will be high and proper optimization of this pressure can save you from the wastage of water. Another method is installing individual water meters which will give a clear view of the water usage by the individuals and prompt them to be vigilant in water management.

See How a 10-Year-Old Apartment In Bangalore Cut Down their Water Consumption by 50% with just 3 Measures

So first the water crisis started with depletion of groundwater level and an increase in the water expenses. Due to this crisis, their maintenance charges also started to skyrocket. They knew they had to do something about it so they came up with three water management measures to control this water crisis. So, did it work?

Before answering that question first let’s see the three measures they took to control the water crisis.

  1. First, they started by setting up individual water meters with some plumbing works for accountability of the water usage.

  2. Secondly, they remodeled their already existing STP to reuse the treated water without compromising the health and comfort of the community.

  3. And finally, they installed rainwater harvesting on all terraces and by doing so they recharged their borewell. Bangalore will get a lot of rainfall even in summer so rainwater harvesting is the best decision they made.

Here is the answer to the previous question. By just taking these 3 measures, they could save about 50% of their water cost in just a year.

So create awareness among your community regarding water management and its conservative techniques. A small investment in these measures can save you a lot of money and benefit society and yourself. Uniservice provides exceptional water management services, be it water audits & reports, rainwater harvesting, swimming pool maintenance, STP / WTP / RO Plant maintenance, and water conservation initiatives. Contact Uniservice to get their proactive management services.

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