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Integrated Facility Management in a Post-Covid Environment

The world has witnessed how critical Facility management is when it comes to ensuring the smooth functioning of a property. Especially during COVID – the Facility management companies and facility management professionals have done a great deal of value add to prevent further spread of the disease while maintaining the business continuity.

Businesses and large residential organizations have had to close down overnight, with major consequences for internal housekeeping, facility management, catering, cleaning, technical maintenance and so on.

Operational to Strategic Shift

This is perhaps the paradigm shift that has happened in the facility management ecosystem. Facility management function has been realized as one of the key enablers in any organization and residential complexes. It is indeed true as facility management unites all other line of business functions as a whole. Workers in a commercial property and residents in residential complexes get to feel the overall experience only through an integrated facility management.

Beyond mere enablement of power, cleanliness, smooth functioning of equipment, facility management takes a main seat in strategic planning of any business or a residential complex.

Facility Managers are now equally responsible for building resilience, enhancing operational flexibility, improving responsiveness and productivity, quality of output, profitability, sustainability and ultimately ensuring overall wellness of occupants. Integrated facility management is the way forward.

Digital Transformation in Facility Management

Facility Management companies and professionals have now an additional emphasis on the health and wellness along with providing superior comfort and peace of mind. The facilities need to think of ways to adopt information technology and smart automation systems so that the business continuity is ensured regardless of the availability of manpower to support or not. Automate Facility Management business processes. Start capturing data on everything that is happening in and out of the property. Maintain documentation of the move-ins, service requests and maintenance needs. Implement smart systems to check rising energy consumption. Prepare a centralized facility management dashboard and present data, findings and actionable insights to clients and work together for informed decision making.

Smart Automation Systems

It is without a doubt that Smart automation Systems save lot of time and energy in a modern and lean facility management operation. Smart Automation Systems also makes the overall facility management compelling and efficient. Install automation systems like monitoring, tracking, registries across office spaces, workplaces, convention halls, warehouses, party halls and sports avenues.

Experienced facility management companies can recommend and implement smart automation systems on electrical lights, motion sensors, HVAC units, access controls and CCTV. The data from these disparate systems can be of different formats and file-types.

However, an Integrated view of the data across all these smart automation systems will be very valuable for the RWA committee members. Strategic decisions can be taken for the overall health, wellness, safety and cost-savings of residents.

Wellness and Improving User Experience

COVID-19 has added an additional focus on health and wellness for facility management companies and facility management professionals. The equation of employer or resident experience has changed drastically with these new dynamics in place. Acting as frontline workers, it is becoming the responsibility of facility managers to ensure workplace productivity, safety and resident welfare.

The key responsibility areas (KRA) and Key performance indicators (KPI) of FM has added elements like productivity enhancement, reduction of downtime, sustaining workers / resident experience, retaining facility management personnel, vaccination coverage, reduction in people falling sick, managing the surge in power consumption, water conservation due to work from home arrangements etc.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has given a clear mandate for organizations and residential apartments for a reimagined view of how their facilities need to be managed and facility management services are being delivered.

Are you an organization or a large residential complex that is preparing to reopen by slightly reducing mobility restrictions?

Consult Uniservice ­- The No.1 Facility Management Company in Bangalore for understanding how integrated facility management services can be delivered to your utmost safety and advantage.

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